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Various Package Options That Include The Best Of Lima, Cusco And The Peruvian Jungle! 4 Tours
Machu Picchu
The best options for the unmissable tour to Machu Picchu! 19 Tours
Tours in Cusco
Original and innovative options to visit Cusco! 46 Tours
Full Day Treks
Traditional Tours To Rainbow Mountain, Humantay Lagoon And More! 9 Tours
Original and innovative options to visit Arequipa! 4 Tours
The best lodging and experiences in Iquitos, Tambopata and Manu! 11 Tours
Lima Is An Impressive City Full Of Hidden Treasures For You To Discover. 11 Tours
All Tours To The Nature Reserve, The Huacachina Oasis And The Best Pisco Distilleries! 8 Tours
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$199 USD $250 USD
7 hours
Andean Wedding Tour in the Sacred Valley of Cusco

Discover the unique beauty of an Andean wedding in the heart of the Sacred Valley of Cusco!

$42 USD $59 USD
12 hours
Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) and Red Valley Tour

Enjoy one of the most popular tours in Cusco in a shared service!

$280 USD $339 USD
17 hours
Tour to Machu Picchu by Train full day - Group Service

Unmissable destination to one of the 7 wonders of the world in shared service!

$89 USD $129 USD
6 hours
Picnic with llamas + Chinchero, Moray & Salt mines of Maras

Discover all that Moray and the salt mines have to offer with this fantastic picnic tour.

$119 USD $139 USD
15 hours
Tour to Huacachina & Paracas Full Day

One of the best and most complete excursions to Huacachina & Paracas, where walking, tasting, adventure and nature are included.

$42 USD $59 USD
12.5 hours
Humantay Lake Tour

Explore the stunning Humantay Lagoon on this exciting one-day group tour from Cusco. An unforgettable experience amidst breathtaking landscapes!

$250 USD $270 USD
2 day, 1 night
Humantay Lake & Salkantay Pass Tour 2D/1N (with domes)

Includes a series of unforgettable walks that make it, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful tours in Peru.

$35 USD $49 USD
6 hours
ATVs Maras Moray - Group Service

4-wheel adventure through the salt mines and moray in shared service!

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guru explorers

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Guru Explorers set up an amazing experience for me and my family to explore Iquitos and the Amazon jungle. We stayed in an amazing lodge surrounded by nature. The rooms were very cozy, the pool was refreshing and the food was AMAZING. On our adventure we got to meet monkeys and sloths, visit with locals, fish for piranhas, and boat along side pink dolphins. My favorite part was seeing the INCREDIBLE sunsets and watching the starry night from a boat in the middle of the Amazon river. Our guides and staff were SUPER kind and welcoming. Overall it was an amazing trip that my family will get to talk about forever.

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Kelly Avatar
★★★★★ Kelly Kelly's country

Thank you Guru Explorers for helping us plan our trip to Peru! We enjoyed our tour to Machu Picchu and Humantay Lake. Your team went above and beyond to make our experience memorable. 100% recommended

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Natali Avatar
★★★★★ Natali Natali's country

Visite Cusco y Machupichu ahora en Abril, con el aforo limitado por temas de pandemia pero debo destacar y recomendar a Guru Explorers, la agencia que de manera minuciosa y detallada organizó todo nuestro viaje, optimizando el tiempo y preocupándose en todo momento por cumplir con los protocolos para sentirme seguro y llevarme la mejor experiencia posible. Volvería a hacer este viaje y volvería a organizar otros viajes con estos profesionales del turismo. Genios totales!

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★★★★★ Diego Diego's country