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Guru Explorers Privacy Notice

Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

Thank you for your trust!

In accordance with Law No. 29733 on the Protection of Personal Data of Peru, and aware of the importance of safeguarding the information you offer us, we establish and publicly present our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

The person in charge of processing the information you provide on this web portal is Guru Explorers, responsible for the reception, handling and safeguarding of your data based on the treatment and purposes established in this comprehensive Privacy Notice.

Your information is protected with us!


The user or a third party, by offering their personal data on our website, accepts the Privacy and Data Protection Policy, and in turn, gives consent to Guru Explorers for the responsible handling of the information offered by this means, regarding approval of the administrative and commercial management of the contractual relationship.

What information do we collect?

When entering the website, some data is collected such as: location provided by GPS; information from your connection equipment, mobile or computer, cookies, IP address, beacons and navigation data on this website.

Likewise, personal data, social networks and metadata will be registered through forms; information about your request and transactions of services or products; among other content offered by the user on this website.

The user will be solely responsible for the veracity and accuracy of their personal data or that provided by third parties; assuming the commitment to inform you about this Privacy Policy, in order to obtain your express consent.

The Guru Explorers service or product requires legal age to be hired; We will not be able to establish a contractual relationship with minors under 16 years of age.

How do we use the data?

The information collected is part of the Guru Explorers client file and is stored in our institution’s databases for the following purposes:

  • Identify the owner.
  • Information about products and services of our company.
  • Receive communications for commercial purposes.
  • Respond to concerns, complaints or queries.
  • Update on our services and products.
  • Invite to contests, dynamics and special offers.
  • Participate in prospect evaluation surveys and experience enhancements.
  • Establish statistical information about our users; Third parties will not have access to private or individual identification, except that it is part of the services that the client requests.
  • Integrate them in the preparation, celebration and execution of a contractual relationship.

Who can use your data?

In the event that the user authorizes it, their information may be used in accordance with the license granted to us, taking into consideration their privacy settings. We will not offer your personal information to third parties if you do not authorize it.

Our suppliers may obtain your information only as a guarantee of complying with the offer of services and products that you select; these data will be of confidential use.

Special case: in cases required by law, the user authorizes Guru Explorers to share their Personal or General Information, in order to respond to judicial, administrative or legal processes.

How do we PROTECT your information?

Your information is backed by the necessary security measures and standards of protection of our servers, using the use of password and firewalls.

Electronic transactions executed by the user on this website are protected by encryption technology.

The user is responsible for the confidentiality of the keys or passwords chosen for identification on our website.

The user will have the right to unsubscribe from our newsletters, emails or online advertising, through our digital media. Likewise, you may update, include, rectify or delete any information previously provided; as well as preventing the provision of your personal or general information, in accordance with Title III of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

The user accepts that the information on the Internet is substantially insecure; Therefore, Guru Explorers does not offer a guarantee of the security of the data sent through the virtual space.

SUPPLIERS and your data

Your information will be shared with other providers, if it is essential for the contracting of the products or services that you select in your service or product.

 The contents or practices of the other providers are not the responsibility of this institution. Guru Explorers disclaims any additional responsibility or obligation that you establish with third parties, who may use additional or different Privacy Policies to those established in this document.

Amendment or modifications

The user acknowledges that there could be an update or amendment to this Privacy and Data Protection Policy, for which he undertakes to review regularly, understanding its changes or adjustments, which could be notified through the media of Guru Explorers .

The user may send their doubts or concerns regarding our Privacy and Data Protection Policy, through the following means

May 26th,  2021