What is Guru Explorers?

Gurus are more than teachers, guides, and experts. They are also known for daring to dive into the light and walk away from the dark. This commitment to exploration is what inspired us to create Guru Explorers.

 Each member of our team has dared to explore as often as possible. From hiking in the Andes Mountains, to visiting cathedrals in Europe, to a roller coaster in America, to meditation in a temple in Asia, we have experienced the beauty of travel and exploration to further develop our lives.


 In all these trips, we always had a hard time finding the right way to experience something new. What are the right guides to trust? How accurate is the information they share? Is this the best possible price for the best quality?

 At this point, we realized that this is what we have to do. Putting the time and effort upfront to find the best guides, adventures, experiences, and prices for our clients. We created a one-stop shop for booking experiences in new countries with simple payments, live communication, high-quality and easy-to-book adventures for private travelers, groups and even companies.

 So, what are you waiting for? You found us to unlock the Guru within you. Adventure, experience, self-discovery and more await you and you can join us as another Guru Explorers.

Do you want to get out of the routine? Do you want to do more than just a trip?

We care about your time and we plan it responsibly.

If you are looking for your next experience, want to plan a corporate trip or want to customize a group trip, contact us and you will be in the best hands.

We help you plan the best trip?


Guru Explorers

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