For a healthy childhood without sexual exploitation, Guru Explorers joins in the rejection of any abusive act against children and adolescents, with erotic or sexual purposes, in exchange for any material "benefit" or conditioning.

What is “child sex tourism”?

Sex tourism is classified as the exposure of girls, boys or adolescents to physical or digital sexual practice, through new communication and information technologies, including online grooming, sexting or sexual extortion and any type of act that violates or deprives minors of their rights.

What is ESNNA (SEGBA)?

The acronym ESNNA (SEGBA) is translated as the Sexual Exploitation of Girls, Boys and Adolescents, who are exposed to any type of act of a sexual or erotic nature, to please the interests or desires of third parties, by submission, in exchange for some monetary “benefit” or of another nature.

It is considered a sexual crime, among others, the proposals directed to minors, for sexual purposes in person or by technological means; blackmail and the dissemination of audiovisual material with sexual content.

Prevention of ESNNA (SEGBA):

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) carries out actions to prevent sexual abuse of minors, through various actions, including sensitizing service providers, tourists, students, teachers and other authorities about this crime.

Law No. 28251 Against Sexual Abuse and Exploitation establishes the penalties for the crime of the user and / or client of the tourism sector, involved in the sexual exploitation of girls, boys and adolescents. The penalty could be up to 30 years imprisonment.

Prevention of ESNNA (SEGBA):

We must, in addition to rejecting ESNNA (SEGBA), warn of the prison sentence and be preventive agents.

Before any act of ESNNA (SEGBA), it is unavoidable to report to the Public Ministry, carry and share the contact list for complaints:

  • Ministry of the Interior: 0800-2-3232
  • Complaint against family and sexual violence: 100
  • Police station: 105
  • Ombudsman for Children and Adolescents: 0800-15170

Responsible and respectful tourism for our people.