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For a healthy and exploitation-free childhood, Guru Explorers joins in rejecting any abusive acts against children and adolescents, which have erotic or sexual purposes, in exchange for any material "benefit" or conditioning.

What is ESNNA?

The acronym ESNNA stands for the Sexual Exploitation of Girls, Boys, and Adolescents, who are exposed to any type of sexual or erotic act to satisfy the interests or desires of third parties, through coercion, in exchange for some monetary or other benefit.

Sexual offenses include, among others, proposals directed at minors, for sexual purposes in person or through technological means; blackmail and dissemination of audiovisual material with sexual content.

What is "child sex tourism"?

Child sex tourism refers to the exposure of girls, boys, or adolescents to sexual practices physically or digitally, through new communication and information technologies, including online grooming, sexting or sexual extortion, and any act that violates or deprives minors of their rights. Responsible and respectful tourism of our people.

Prevention of ESNNA

We must, in addition to rejecting ESNNA, warn about the penalty of imprisonment and be preventive agents.

In the face of any act of ESNNA, it is essential to report to the Public Ministry, carry and share the contact list for complaints:

  • Ministry of the Interior: 0800-2-3232
  • Report against family and sexual violence: 100
  • Police hotline: 105
  • Children and Adolescents Ombudsman: 0800-15170