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Travel Safe!

Covid-19 Travel Protocol

Aligned with the contingency generated by Covid-19, to travel it is strict to comply with biosafety protocols, respect restrictions and meet new requirements.

At Guru Explorers we are happy to accompany you to enjoy our destinations feeling safe, but especially that you return healthy.

Maintain biosecurity measures

  • Proper use of a mask, shield or face shield.
  • Physical distancing.
  • Hand washing or use of antibacterial.

Comply with protocols

  • Control of body temperature when entering accommodation, transport units, tourist attractions, among other spaces.
  • The consumption of food or beverages in transport units and some attractions is restricted.
  • Report any discomfort to our guides to receive timely attention.

 We comply!

  • Capacity control and tours created for small groups of tourists.
  • Temperature control to our work team at the entrance and exit of each day.
  • Use of biosafety equipment.
  • Periodic discard of Covid-19 to guides and care personnel.
  • Selection of spaces and information points with cross ventilation.
  • Provision of antibacterial dispensers in our units.

For your attention, the government of Peru has provided a free telephone line 113, and WhatsApp at 952842623 and email so that you receive guidance from health personnel.

 At Guru Explorers we are willing to offer timely guidance in each place you visit to avoid any discomfort.