If you are looking for an unforgettable trip to Huacachina & Paracas, this Full Day Group tour is ideal for your next adventure.  Undoubtedly, Huacachina & Paracas are one of the most outstanding tourist attractions in Peru and are able to capture the attention of more and more tourists. This tour has a duration of 16 hours where we will have many interesting activities that will offer you a different experience in Peru. 

Why visit Huacachina & Paracas? 

Huacachina is an oasis in the middle of the desert a few hours from Lima. It is a place surrounded by sand dunes where many people practice adventure sports and sports attractions with tubular cars through the sandy mountains. It also offers alternatives such as traditional wine and Pisco wineries and walks with spectacular views. 

Paracas is another unforgettable destination that will make this tour a complete experience. It is one of Peru’s favorite destinations. By many, considered as the best, something that is due to all the activities you can find in this place and what you can do when you visit it.  In addition to its extensive beaches and expanses of reserve, you can taste the best cuisine because it is a place where you can eat the best fish in the country.  

In short, if you need to make a different trip, where you can enjoy varied experiences that combine landscape, adventure, gastronomy, culture and nature, then you should not wait any longer. The Huacachina & Paracas Full Day Tour is waiting for you with its excellent group service.