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Andean Wedding Tour in the Sacred Valley of Cusco

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience in the Peruvian Andes? Then get ready with your partner and book our Andean Wedding Tour in the Sacred Valley of Cusco!

You will live one of the most memorable moments with your partner, where love merges with the majesty of the Andean mountain range. Therefore, there is no better way to do it than amidst Cusco’s culture and local traditions. Our tour is everything you need to surprise your special someone on a day full of spirituality.

If you’re in Cusco, we offer you the experience of a lifetime with a spiritual marriage, featuring the participation of an Andean priest and a warm welcome from the community.



Detailed itinerary of the Andean Spiritual Marriage Tour in the Sacred Valley of Cusco:

8:00 am - Hotel Pickup in Cusco or the Sacred Valley

We will pick you up at 8:00 in the morning from your hotel in the city of Cusco to begin the journey to the wedding destination. The marriage ceremony takes place outside the city of Cusco.

The purpose is to attend a space where we spiritually connect with Pachamama (Mother Earth). To perform this ceremony, we will visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in the community of Taucca in Chinchero.

Upon our arrival, the community will give a warm welcome to the future spouses with songs, dances, and traditional local music. In addition, flower bouquets and muña tea will be offered as symbols of hospitality and celebration.

Next, the bride and groom will receive the traditional attire to carry out the marriage. The priest, in this case, an Andean sage (shaman), will officiate the wedding through requests and prayers to the apus (spirits) to seek blessings and abundance for the couple.

After the marriage ceremony, an offering to the earth will be made with the best wishes for the couple, channeling all energies in complete harmony with Mother Earth.

To conclude this ritual, the community will offer a lunch to celebrate the union.

2:00 pm - End of the Celebration - Return to Cusco

After finishing the celebratory lunch, we will return to the city of Cusco.

Additional Information


The price of the Andean Spiritual Marriage Tour in the Sacred Valley of Cusco includes:

  • Traditional attire, if preferred by the interested parties
  • Andean priest
  • Lunch
  • Transportation
  • Offering to Pacha Mama (Mother Earth)
  • Guide or translator
  • Basic ceremony music
Not include

The price of the Andean Spiritual Marriage Tour in the Sacred Valley of Cusco does not include:

  • Gala musicians
  • Attire for sponsors or other family members
  • Meals
  • Transportation for accompanying guests
What to Bring

What to bring for the Andean Spiritual Marriage Tour in the Sacred Valley of Cusco:

  • Passport or ID (Mandatory)
  • Comfortable footwear and clothing
  • Camera

What considerations should you keep in mind when taking the Andean Spiritual Marriage Tour in the Sacred Valley of Cusco?

  • Due to environmental conditions, weather, or any other reasons beyond our control, the itinerary could be affected. In case of any changes, you will be notified in advance.
  • Guru Explorers values your time and strives to adhere to the tour schedule; however, it may vary due to reasons beyond our control (weather, natural disasters, field conditions, among other demonstrable reasons). We will do our best to provide efficient options and solutions for your enjoyment.

Not Allowed:

  • Pets
  • Smoking during the tours
  • Large suitcases or bags

Not Recommended for:

  • People in wheelchairs
Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policies:

Tours and Services

  • More than 30 days: Penalty is 20%
  • Between 7 and 30 days: Penalty is 40%
  • Less than 7 days: Penalty is 100%

Date changes subject to availability

Tours and Services

  • More than 15 days: No penalty
  • Between 4 and 15 days: Penalty is 10%
  • Less than 4 days: Changes are not possible


  • Cancellations or booking modifications are subject to the terms and conditions established by each hotel. Please consult with your sales advisor before making the reservation.
Why choose us

We want to be a part of your spiritual union with your loved one that you will experience on the Andean Spiritual Marriage Tour in the Sacred Valley of Cusco.

If you're still wondering, "Why choose us?" Here are 7 characteristics you should know about our services:

  1. Quality: When you turn to a master, it's because you want answers to all your questions. When it comes to travel, money, time, and enjoyment, there are issues to resolve, and that's what Guru Explorers is all about – giving you the perfect balance for the adventure you DESERVE.
  2. Experience: To become Guru Explorers, we remain world travelers but become experts in Cusco, Lima, and the most important destinations in Peru. We've had both good and bad experiences, appreciating that the difference is in the details. That's why we know which elements are essential for your journey. We are travelers, and we strive to enhance your experience!
  3. Transparency: We are here to provide you with the best information and descriptions of our tours. We are not proponents of hidden costs. We offer the necessary information for you to choose the inclusions or upgrades you are looking for.
  4. Security: You entrust us with your time, your money, and your expectations, which is why we fine-tune every detail to guarantee the journey of your dreams.
  5. Flexibility: While we have pre-established packages, we adapt to your needs and tailor plans so that you can visit any place in Peru, with the expertise of a Guru Explorers. We customize trips for special occasions such as your corporate trips, honeymoon, birthdays, social, cultural, or sporting events during your visit to Peru, providing you with comprehensive advice to achieve and exceed your expectations.


  1. Passion: Before being tour guides, we are travelers, explorers, adventurers; this makes us passionate about creating the best experiences in the time you invest for yourself and your loved ones.
  2. Social Responsibility: We promote Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, not harming the traveler, exploiting the communities that receive them, or their environment. We create more human and respectful experiences of the Heritage.

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What is Andean Spiritual Marriage?

Andean spiritual marriage is a sacred ritual that has been carried out since ancient times. The most intriguing aspect of this event is that participants establish an unbreakable bond with nature. The purpose is for those who receive it to grow in fidelity and love every day.

This ceremony is a spiritual pact that venerates the Earth Goddess, Pachamama, the Universe Father, Tayta Inti, and the Sky. It is said that this ritual is guided by the spirits who in ancient times prepared the union between man and woman with great kindness, considering this marriage as the perfect duality.

In the past, the preparation of this ceremony involved the use of medicinal plants. To this day, love and wisdom continue to be blessed in this act. In the Andean spiritual marriage in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, man and woman unite not only their bodies but also their spirits, minds, and hearts.

What to Expect from the Andean Spiritual Marriage in the Sacred Valley of Cusco?

The Andean spiritual marriage in the Sacred Valley of Cusco is an Inca pact that has been carried out for many years. In this experience, both you and your partner can purify your essence and spirit while connecting your hearts through rituals, prayers, and requests to nature.

The goal of this sacred marriage is to use Inca techniques to unite and strengthen the covenant between husband and wife forever. This union seeks to enhance moral values and unconditional support in the couple to promote happiness throughout the years. The transcendence of marriage on a spiritual level is a key factor in this ceremony held in the city of Cusco.

The celebration of the Andean spiritual marriage in the Sacred Valley of Cusco involves the good wishes of the entire community joining in well-wishing for the couple. The preparation of this significant event is crucial, as it is an ancient ritual of Peru.

However, the ceremony is entirely entertaining and marvelous. The entire event is a celebration of nature with songs, dances, and much more. In a total time of 6 hours, you can enjoy an extraordinary moment that is truly worth experiencing.

How is the Andean Spiritual Marriage Celebrated?

The Andean spiritual marriage in the Sacred Valley of Cusco is a ceremony that allows you to create eternal bonds with your partner while simultaneously connecting with nature on a spiritual level.

To conduct this spiritual union, it is essential to have an Andean priest. This priest and guide perform a series of diverse rituals according to their purpose. Just like in conventional marriages, words of love, fidelity, and well-wishes are directed towards the couple's relationship and their connection with nature.

Andean music is an integral part of the Andean spiritual marriage in the Sacred Valley of Cusco. Therefore, you can listen to the subtle sounds of traditional instruments from the moment you arrive in the company of your partner in the Sacred Valley.

In addition to the priest, who is an experienced spiritual guide, you should have sponsors who support you in this new stage of marital union. Undoubtedly, this adds much more value to the celebration.

The experience of the Andean spiritual marriage in the Sacred Valley of Cusco is magical and incomparable to any other. The chosen locations for this ceremony are sacred due to their energy and the power they can convey.

Due to its significance, attire is also a fundamental aspect. In this case, both the groom and the bride wear traditional Andean clothing. The marriage itself celebrates the most important cultural and ancestral aspects of Peruvian culture.

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