Enjoy what the Maras Moray ATVs Adventure has in store for you:

Do you have little time and want to live an adventure out of the ordinary? We offer you the Maras and Moray Tour in ATVs, half a day in which you can discover the essence of the Sacred Valley, its archaeological centers, part of its Andean towns and visionary spaces for agriculture, astronomy and advances of the Inca empire.

In addition to experiencing multiple emotions on ATVs and contact with the Andean people, you get to know two places full of charm such as the Salineras de Maras and the circular platforms of Moray; In the first, you will see the artisan process of extraction of pink salt in an imposing mountain; while the second shows the beautiful and ingenious circular terraces of Moray, the ancient agricultural laboratory of the Incas.

This tour offers, in addition to the spectacular landscape of the Andean mountain range of Peru, its mythological, cultural, architectural wealth of the ingenious Inca Empire, with risk, action and speed in ATVs.

As it is not the same to describe the experience than to live it; just look at the photo gallery to start your journey through them.