Discover unique places in this Maras Moray Tour: 

If you want to know unique places in the world and you have very little time for the trip, we recommend this Tour to Maras Moray, an experience that connects you with a beautiful nature, the scene of impressive archaeological sites and the visionary scientific and agricultural development of the Inca Empire.

Discover the spectacular Salineras de Maras, some 3,000 pools dug in the Qaqa Wiñay mountain (3,380 masl / 11,080 ft) that, in addition to their beauty, allow you to see the pink salt extraction process with the same technique used by the Incas.

You also visit the visionary and ingenious circular terraces of Moray, a marvel of science that was used, among other things, as an agricultural laboratory for the Incas.

You can see our photographs that only capture part of the exciting experience that you will have on this tour full of landscapes, history, emotions and unique experiences.