Discover and live the experience that the Maras Moray Tour has for you: 

If there is still some time in your agenda for an adventure, we offer you this super attractive option, the Tour to Maras Moray, an excellent half-day experience in which you get to know a part of the fantastic Sacred Valley.

Discover the spectacular Salineras de Maras, where to this day they work in a traditional way; and visit the ingenious circular terraces of Moray, the ancient agricultural laboratory of the Incas. In both destinations you enjoy stunning views that mix nature, mythology, culture, tradition and the ingenuity of the Inca empire.

Check our gallery and travel through each image with the Guru Explorers so you can enjoy recognized tourist attractions of our Andean culture, which make you travel through geography and time.

As part of the private tour, you can adapt the schedule for your comfort and rhythm. You enjoy the tour exclusively with your private group and our professional guide.