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13 Places and Tourist Attractions to Visit in Ica

March 6, 2024

The best places to visit in ICA.

Ica is one of the most exciting cities in Peru. It stands out for its cultural appeal, history, and adventure opportunities.

In this article, we will tell you all about the best tourist attractions in Ica so you can make the most of your stay in this Peruvian city. Without a doubt, one of the critical aspects you should know is its remarkable history.

For all of this and more, if you want to discover the most exciting places to visit in Ica, keep reading until the end.

What You Need to Know About Ica Before Traveling

Ica is a city in Peru located in the central-southern part of the country. It is situated precisely on the slopes of the Andes mountain range and the Great Tablazo de Ica. It has a total surface area of 7,894 square kilometers, and its climate is dry and warm for most of the year.

As of the year 2021, the city had a total population of 453,947 inhabitants, with its primary economic activity being agriculture, including the cultivation of asparagus, among other crops. This city ranks 11th in terms of population.

The population in Ica has a history of more than 9,000 years, with countless legends. Annual temperatures in this city range from 23°C to 27°C, making it an exciting destination to visit in any season of the year.

It is a city with very little rainfall and a relatively low humidity percentage.

Best Tourist Sites in Ica

Throughout this article, we will mention some of the tourist sites in Ica that you should keep an eye on during your upcoming trip. This intriguing city in Peru boasts numerous spaces that you must explore. 

Therefore, we believe that taking a tour of Ica will allow you to gain many experiences, primarily if your journey is aimed at discovering the most exciting aspects of the country. 

Below, we list the top 13 unmissable places on this tour called "Tourist Sites in Ica."

1. Nazca Lines

Without a doubt, Ica is an essential city for Peru and the world because it is home to the mysterious Nazca Lines. For many years, this attraction has been the subject of research, gathering approximately 800 figures discovered so far.

Covering an area of 500 kilometers over the Jumana plateau, the Nazca Lines are a tourist destination that deserves to be revisited time and time. Their antiquity dates back over 2,000 years.

Since 1994, the Nazca Lines have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the Huacachina + Paracas + Nazca Lines 2-day/1-night Tour offered by Guru Explorers, you can explore the Nazca Lines and get up close to this enigmatic attraction.

2. Paracas Reserve

If you love the sea and want to have a unique experience, Paracas is the best destination in the city of Ica. You can enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience by exploring the small Ballestas Islands, where multiple bird species and around 4,000 sea lions call home.

With Guru Explorers, you have the opportunity to enjoy an exciting Ballestas Islands Tour to discover all the wonderful marine fauna in the area. Another significant attraction is the opportunity to visit different sea caves, rocky beaches, and cliffs.

Undoubtedly, everything you need to enjoy your dream vacation in a magical space in the city of Ica. Paracas boasts gorgeous crystal-clear beaches, as well as a cuisine rich in freshly harvested seafood. It's worth noting that the Paracas National Reserve is Peru's only protected area.

3. Huacachina

It is a unique attraction you must visit in Ica. It's an oasis located in the middle of the desert. Amidst the dunes, multiple activities can be done in this exciting place.

Its popularity began approximately 40 years ago when the population attributed healing properties to it. Thanks to this, many people want to visit this place and immerse themselves in its beautiful waters.

Among other things, in this oasis, it's possible to take a boat ride on the lagoon. Additionally, if you enjoy adventure, you can slide down the dunes on sandboards.

4. Tambo Colorado

The red structures of this site in Ica give it its name "Colorado." It is an area that gathers Inca archaeological remains. Its construction dates back to the year 1474, and since then, it has been relatively well-preserved, allowing many tourists to explore this exciting place.

It is presumed that this place was an architectural complex used for military service and trade during the Inca period. It is located precisely in Pisco, and touring this site is a way to gain insight into the lifestyle of the ancient Inca culture on the coasts of Peru.

Another interesting fact is that it is believed that Tambo Colorado was used for ceremonies and religious rituals, suggesting its importance in the spiritual life of the Incas. Moreover, some of the structures at this site contain remnants of paintings depicting Inca daily life.

5. Tacama Vineyard

The Tacama Vineyard has been planted in Ica since 1540 and is the oldest in South America. It is a remarkable place that spans 240 hectares, where you can taste the finest piscos and wines from the region and the country.

In addition to this, the tour will allow you to explore the best of the colonial estate that preserves some elements of its original architecture very well.

Guru Explorers offers you the opportunity to visit the distillery and see firsthand the process of making Peruvian Pisco in the 2-day Ica - Paracas Tour.

6. Cañón de los perdidos

In recent years, this tourist destination has gained a lot of popularity among visitors to Ica. It's an interesting natural formation discovered in 2011, located in the middle of the desert. It stretches for three kilometers in length and has a depth of 150 meters.

Over time, this natural formation has changed, allowing each visitor to enjoy a completely different adventure.

If you want to explore one of the most exciting spaces in Ica, you must visit the Canyon of the Lost. As a curious fact, this canyon has been compared to the Grand Canyon in the United States.

7. Theme Park “Las Brujas de Cachiche”

This place has become an exciting tourist attraction for visitors. It was once said that many witches inhabited it because the majority of the population were women who practiced natural medicine.

In the park, you can see multiple figures related to these women. It is located in Santa Rosa de Cachiche. It features a very modern amphitheater, murals to observe, and statues that give meaning to this fascinating place.

The park has architecture reminiscent of the colonial era, with adobe houses and cobbled streets. The overall design and vegetation of the park create a magical and evocative atmosphere. In addition to all this, you will find traditional food stalls and different restaurants.

8. Ica Regional Museum.

If you're someone who prefers archaeology, the "Adolfo Bermúdez Jenkins" Regional Museum of Ica is your best choice. For tourists, it's a unique destination as it showcases the most significant aspects of the five predominant cultures in the city: Ica, Nazca, Chincha, Paracas, and Wari.

The museum's galleries display various mummies from the Paracas culture. You can see mummified children and women from that era. Additionally, there are different utensils from the period.

This museum is one of the most important in Hispanic America. The pieces with deformed skulls mark a milestone in history and cultural change.

9. Cahuachi Ceremonial Center

This complex is an ancient ensemble located 54 minutes from the city of Nazca, and it represents the most important ruins of that civilization. This remarkable place consists of temples and pyramids unique to the region.

Another important fact is that human remains with an age of over 1000 years have been discovered here. Some of these remains were part of sacrifices and offerings.

This civilization had extensive knowledge of architecture, so it was possible to see different types of human tombs during the tour.

10. Chinchaycamac Beach

This beach is one of the most beautiful in the Ica region and extends all the way to Chincha. It covers a large portion of the coastline, where you can enjoy a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Its waters come from the Pacific Ocean, making it a true natural paradise for tourists and locals. It is advisable to visit during the summer to make the most of its warm waters.

Chinchaycamac Beach is the main beach in the district and one of the most popular destinations in the area. This beach is known for its vast expanse of golden sand and calm waters, making it ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying the sea.

11. Cantalloc Aqueduct

This interesting tourist spot you can't miss in Ica was built by the ancient Nasca civilization. In total, it has 46 aqueducts, and 32 of them are still in operation.

The visiting experience is truly unique and allows tourists to learn more about the culture of the region. The underground waters from these aqueducts were used for irrigation in the driest areas that needed it.

The Cantalloc Aqueduct is a testament to the engineering and advanced agriculture of this ancient civilization. Its most distinctive feature is its spiral design. The underground channels are distributed in a spiral shape.

12. Palm Tree of the 7 Heads

In the village of witches (Cachiche), you'll find this strange palm tree with trunks that form a serpent. Each of the trunks strangely connects to the same root, making it an interesting attraction. Over time, eroded rocks have taken on unique shapes that seem to evoke the image of moving snakes or heads.

Although it's referred to as having 7 heads, you can actually only see 6. It is due to an ancient legend that leaving the seventh head to grow could result in a natural disaster.

The Palm Tree of the 7 Heads is located in the midst of a desert environment characterized by dunes, rocky hills, and an arid landscape. It creates an exciting contrast with the rock formations.

13. Chauchilla Cemetery

Chauchilla Cemetery is one of the most intriguing and mysterious archaeological sites in the Ica region, Peru. This place offers visitors a window into the ancient history of the Nazca civilization, famous for its geoglyphic lines in the desert.

This fantastic destination in Ica dates back to around 200 to 900 AD and was used by the Nazca culture to bury their loved ones. The most impressive aspect of this site is the mummies found in open tombs, some of which are in excellent preservation.

Chauchilla Cemetery is an essential stop for history and archaeology enthusiasts visiting the Ica region. It provides a unique experience to delve into the culture and life of the ancient Nazca civilization.


Exploring Ica is a great experience to connect with Peruvian culture in its entirety through its history.

Undoubtedly, visiting Nazca, Paracas, and all the spaces this region offers will allow you to make the most of your visit.

Ica is not just about nature but also a wealth of history that has endured over time. Therefore, if you decide to travel to Peru, a stop in Ica should be included in your itinerary.