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¿What does the NGO Añañau do?

February 28, 2022

Añañau is an organization that is responsible for creating and carrying out a variety of activities that aim to help the most disadvantaged families in Peru. All of this is to achieve progress through specific education programs and sustainable development projects.

Añañau’s progress is directed in favor of the communities that need it most. It is directly focused on improving their development in the habitat where they live. In addition, its donations are aimed at offering children a better quality of life, as they are undoubtedly the future of the country.

This can be summarized as: a gift for Christmas, materials to attend school and nutritious food for the good development of the children’s health and growth. In addition, the monthly payment of teachers and professors for the schools attended by the youngest children of the community so that they receive a good education, annual scholarships to study in school and high school, among others.

All of the above are some of the contributions that can be made through this organization. They are in charge of receiving your collaboration and carrying out the appropriate strategies to make this intellectual development possible.

Añañau NGO. Guru Explorers

¿How they do it?

Añañau has focused on offering great collaborations to the families who need it most and who are in fragile conditions. Therefore, it is constantly receiving donations from other people, companies or organizations that can give a helping hand to those who need it most.

You too can be part of this great initiative, by becoming a volunteer or making a donation.

Promoting responsible tourism depends on you and us, and it is together with organizations like Añañau that we can make big and small contributions to communities and children who lack them.

Añañau’s Goal

Integrity, professionalism, honesty and quality are some of the values that faithfully constitute Añañau’s mission and vision, allowing them to reach and cooperate with more communities every day.

Promoting a society where equality and opportunities reach each and every one of the people living in the same community are some of the goals of this NGO.

They also aim to have an impact on society and education, so that inclusion is one of the main values they impart to others.


Añañau’s cooperation with Guru Explorers as responsible partners

The union between Añañau’s mission to help those who need it most, focused directly on helping to develop a better education for the little ones, and the ideal of Guru Explorers to make and promote responsible tourism, which today is fundamental and key, allow us to reach a solid and structured movement in favor of those who need it most. This allows us to create great activities in the most vulnerable communities in the Andes of Peru which makes this union ideal for these common goals.

Among these activities that we have carried out and which we seek to promote their continuity together with Añañau, are the following:

Visit to educational projects

Through the meetings held by Añañau, where we can share with the children and their families. In addition, we know in depth the environment in which they live and develop. For this reason, we are in charge of looking for the best opportunities for improvement for the benefit of the little ones, and we do this hand in hand with the NGO Añañau.

Knowledge and sharing

We employ a respectful apprenticeship of the culture of the new environment we have the opportunity to join. For this reason we acquire knowledge and learn about the most deeply rooted customs of each community. In this process we enjoy them hand in hand with their inhabitants who in turn, give us the opportunity to contribute our values and positive attitude during our participation and time spent with those who belong to vulnerable communities.

Social projects

We have the possibility to participate positively and responsibly in social projects. We create initiatives that generate greater collaboration for all those who are in more vulnerable conditions and that generate a long-term impact on society in general. These actions can create a new habit in the next generations of tourism, thus promoting responsible tourism in our society.

Make ourselves known

The activities we have carried out together with the NGO Añañau are the main window to let all travelers know our purpose. This is what allows us to put responsible tourism into practice. In this way, those who visit the communities during their travels have the opportunity to experience the reality by getting to know not only the landscapes and natural beauties but also their inhabitants, who cannot have access to medicine and other vital supplies; likewise, for children and young people who lack a good education.

Promoting responsible tourism is possible, it depends on you and us, because together we can achieve it.

Laptop Donation

Together with the NGO Añañau and eSmart Recycling, Guru Explorers had the great opportunity to be part of an initiative that was responsible for making an event that represents a change and an improvement at an educational level for the little ones.

Receive the technological equipment donated by eSmart Recycling and deliver it to the children and young people who are part of the NGO Añañau. With this initiative we were able to create an event full of happiness and great opportunities for the youngest members of the community. This is a small description of what this donation really meant for all of us who had the opportunity to experience it. In addition, we were able to enjoy a day full of joy by doing a variety of activities with the children and their families.

You can make possible what for many seems impossible. Responsible tourism depends on everyone.