Discover what the Tour to Waqrapukara has for you.

This new and mysterious attraction, Waqrapukara Tour, is undoubtedly a tourist destination that promises a lot. Its name comes from two Quechua words, “Waqra” which means horn and “Pukara”, fortress.

A tour that connects you with an experience full of stories and history of the Inca Empire in the archaeological monument and Cultural Heritage of the Nation surrounded by impressive squares, platforms and the stone forest.

A whole day discovering the magic and spirituality of the Waqrapukara fortress, baptized as the Machu Picchu of the pre-Incas. The hike is moderate, considered not difficult, reaching the highest point of the horns at 4,300 masl (14,000 feet).

Explore Waqrapukara and get ready for a day full of adventures!