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5 Days

Tour to Tambopata: Expedition to the Wild Amazon 5D / 4N

Discover the magic of the forest with the expedition to the Wild Amazon in Tambopata

Enjoying the beauty of a tropical rainforest, with all the comforts you deserve for your rest, is the Tambopata experience: Expedition to the Wild Amazon, 5 days immersed in the Madre de Dios Department of the Peruvian Amazon, one of the areas of greatest biodiversity of the planet.

Visit the largest macaw clay lick in the world; as well as the most beautiful lake in the Peruvian jungle. You will meet really special species, animals and plants, such as the otter, the river wolf and the capybaras or capybaras, the largest rodent that exists.

You will be able to spot countless butterflies, dragonflies, mammals, birds, river wolves, sloths, alligators, toucans; large trees and multiple species of flowering plants that generate unmatched color and biodiversity.

This place is a natural wonder that you cannot miss!



Itinerary of the Tambopata Tour

DAY 1: Puerto Maldonado - Lodge

After receiving you at the Maldonado Airport and offering you a refreshing tropical juice, start your journey of about 47 km of paved road and 17 km of rustic route, in which you will be able to see colonist farms and forests and a tropical landscape until you reach the Rio Tambopata to board the boat that will go downstream for approximately 20 minutes, heading to the Lodge.

On the route, you can admire the landscape while enjoying your Box lunch. It will be magnificent to see the diversity of birds; as well as meeting some capybaras, the largest rodents in the world; alligators and other wild animals.

Once you settle into the accommodation, at night you will do the first induction walk to get to know the ecosystems of the tropical jungle, enjoying the sound of nature and coming into contact with the beautiful place surrounded by various animal and plant species. You stay overnight in this beautiful environment.Don't stop enjoying the starry sky of the jungle!

DAY 2: Lodge - Encampment

The song of the birds and the sound of the vegetation will create a beautiful awakening. We always recommend getting up very early to enjoy the sunrises on the trails or the viewpoint of the hostel.

All ready for the hike! After having breakfast, you cross the Tambopata river by boat and the excursion begins to observe mammals such as monkeys, huanganas, among others; visit local plantations and fish piranhas, returning to the lodge at approximately 11:00, where you can do some extra activity such as kayaking on the river, fishing or touring the place,

After lunch, you board the boat that takes you to the camp in the Tambopata National Reserve. On the way you enjoy the area dedicated to the conservation of species such as jaguars, caimans, capybaras, macaws, the machaco parrot and various birds; as well as for ecotourism. Possibly you will see an infinity of exotic animals from our Peruvian subtropical humid jungle.

Arriving at night we will install our camp on one of the beaches, to visit it later; enjoy dinner and light the fire while enjoying the night sky of Tambopata.

DAY 3: Encampment - Macaw Clay Lick - Lodge

Before the sun rises, you will wake up to the natural sound of the jungle, led by howler monkeys. The landscaping is wonderful, thousands of multicolored birds and the city break.

After drinking a coffee or tea, at 4:30 the walk to the Macaw Clay Lick “El Chuncho” begins, where you admire one of the most colorful and boisterous wild spectacles, which groups parrots, parakeets and macaws around a cliff of nutrient-rich clay. There will be the opportunity to see the rhythmic flight of these birds, as well as the wild fauna on the banks of the river or on the trees, while you enjoy breakfast.

You will leave back downstream to the camp, where you collect your backpacks and tents, heading to the Lodge through the Tambopata River. In this place you can venture on a zip line, triline, floating ropes; swim off the dock, walk or rest.

After lunch, start the ethnobotanical walk to discover and identify medicinal plants of the region and observe the vegetation, palm trees, giant lupunas and many other species.

At dusk it is time to enjoy a boat ride to see alligators and rest with the melody of the Amazon on the way back.

DAY 4: Lodge - Visit to Lake Sandoval

After breakfast you start a trip by boat and land vehicle to Wasai Maldonado Ecolodge, where you can have lunch.

In the afternoon you travel for half an hour, through the Madre de Dios River, to enter a wildlife sanctuary and one of the most beautiful lakes in the Peruvian jungle, Lake Sandoval, which you meet aboard a canoe of wood, to avoid damage to the ecosystem. Trees, palms and giant palms surround this place; you can see toucans, parrots, herons, giant river otters, turtles, alligators and birds like Hoatzin and Anhinga; as well as a variety of orchids, platanillos and ungurahuis.

You can take a guided walk in the forest and return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

DAY 4: Lodge - Puerto Maldonado

Enjoy the sunrise on this last day, after having breakfast and saying goodbye to the place, it is time to return to the Puerto Maldonado Airport saying goodbye to an incomparable adventure.

Discover a new destination and connect with what you deserve. Give yourself a different experience!

Additional Information


Price of the Tambopata Tour includes:

  • Informative presentation prior to the tour.
  • Transfer airport - Ecolodge - airport
  • River and land transfer according to the itinerary.
  • Tour guide - English and Spanish
  • Adventure activities (zip line, kayak, etc.).
  • All meals, from lunch on the first day to lunch en route on the last day.
  • Accommodation: (02 nights at Wasaí Tambopata Lodge + 01 night at camp + 01 night at Wasaí Maldonado Ecolodge located on the banks of the Madre de Dios River in the city)
  • Wellingtons
Not include

Price of the Tambopata Tour excludes:

  • Travel insurance.
  • Domestic flights
  • Tips for the guide.
  • Tips to porters at the airport and / or staff.
  • Beverages alcoholic beverages)
  • Food not specified in the itinerary.
  • Transfers outside of those established in the tour.
  • Crafts, posters, and postcards.
  • Laundry
  • Phone
  • Entrance fee to the National Reserve ($ 48.00 per passenger)
  • Personal expenses
What to Bring

What to Bring to the Tambopata Tour?

  • It is recommended to bring: comfortable, moisture-resistant shoes, light, quick-drying and breathable clothing (long sleeves and earth-colored pants are recommended), bathing suits, raincoats, sweater, hat, large visor cap, sunglasses, sunscreen , repellent against insects with REEP.
  • Personal hygiene: toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, wet towels, water, personal medication.
  • Passport or DNI (Required).
  • Travel insurance.
  • Audiovisual recording camera (and preferably waterproof).
  • Flashlights or small headlights.
  • Binoculars.
  • Personal Medication or First Aid Kit.
  • Cash (local currency).
  • Portable converter, adapter for your charger.

What considerations should you have when doing our Tambopata Tour: Wild Amazon Expedition?

  • The entrance fee to the National Reserve is subject to change by SERNANP.
  • According to weather conditions or natural phenomena, flight arrival / departure adjustments; there could be changes in the program.
  • Your luggage must not exceed 10Kg (22lbs) per person, according to the regulation of domestic flights; as well as the transfer in boats; However, you have the possibility of storing part of your luggage at the lodge office, located in the City of Iquitos, choosing the essentials for your stay.

Guru Explorers value your time and strive to respect the tour schedule; however they may vary for reasons beyond our control (weather, natural disasters, field conditions, among other demonstrable reasons). We will do our best to offer efficient options and solutions for your enjoyment.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation policy:

  • 18 days before the arrival of passengers: 30% of the cost of the tour per passenger
  • From 17 to 9 days before the arrival of passengers: 50% of the cost of the tour per passenger
  • Less than 9 days, 100% of the cost of the tour per person. No refund

Who voluntarily renounces some of the services included in the programs; They will not receive a refund or readjustment of the total prices of the tour.

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We want to be part of that experience that you will live in the Tambopata Tour. If you are still wondering why choose us? We would like you to read 7 outstanding characteristics of our service:


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We promote Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, not affecting the traveler, nor exploiting the communities that receive it or their environment. We create more human and respectful experiences of Heritage.

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