Discover the magic of the forest with the expedition to the Wild Amazon in Tambota 

The Tambopata Tour: Amazon Adventure in 4 days, is a fun option to get to know one of the most spectacular natural lungs in the world, doing trekking, kayaking, zip lines and enjoying extreme emotions, in the middle of the wonderful jungle.

Enjoy the early morning visit to the Chuncho macaw clay lick, the largest in the world; sail on the Tambopata River and walk in the middle of its Reserve, habitat of thousands of species such as the river wolf, the otter; the Amazon tapir, sachavaca; the largest rodent in the world, capybara; sloths, and other wild animals, some in danger of extinction.

Breathe the humid air of the jungle, revitalize yourself and rest on the banks of the Tambopata River, in one of the best Amazon lodges, with all the comforts and activities to recreate yourself.

Among friends, alone or with family an ideal plan to have fun doing adventure ecotourism!