¿What are you waiting for to be amazed by the combination of beautiful postcards and architectural ruins?

The Chullpas de Sillustani tour is a unique tour in which you will get to know one of the most enigmatic sites in Peru.

This destination, better known as Sillustani, is an Inca cemetery, which is located 40 minutes’ drive from Puno. The burial towers are called “Chullpas” which are about 12 meters high and are surrounded by the Umayo lagoon, which is why they combine this incredible architecture with the natural beauty of the landscape.

These tombs contain the remains of noble men who were buried in these sites to ensure a place in the afterlife. Also found here are countless offerings such as royal accessories, made of gold and other precious metals, which are on display at the “Carlos Dreyer” museum in Puno.

However, as it is a site that also functioned as a pro-Inca funerary center, differences can also be observed in the structures, the oldest ones being built in rustic stone. Its doors, curiously, are in an easterly direction, just where the sun rises at dawn.

This and many other amazing postcards will be waiting for you in this unique excursion, which also combines excellent service and exclusive amenities that guarantee an unparalleled experience.

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