Get to know the wonders of Peru with this special Tour to Rainbow Mountain + Hike through Ausangate in 4 days

This Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) + Ausangate Hike in 4 days gives you the opportunity to know two majestic destinations in Peru exploring a magical environment surrounded by glaciers, lagoons, Andean culture and its history.

We take you to know the Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca (5,200 masl / 17,060 ft) plus the fifth highest mountain in Peru, the Ausangate Snowy Mountain, in an unforgettable route that takes you to discover the Andean landscape and its contrast of colors, flora, fauna , textures and climates. You will be able to observe impressive peaks and glaciers, with valleys covered with lagoons, typical wild fauna of the Andes, local families, as well as llamas, alpacas and vicuñas, closing the experience in the famous and world-renowned Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca).

As part of the private tour we offer you an unbeatable gastronomic service by our private professional chef in the mountains; You can adapt the schedule and enjoy the tour with your private group and our professional guide.