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Tour to Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) + 4- Day Ausangate Hike

Get to know the wonders of Peru with this special Tour to Rainbow Mountain + Hike through Ausangate in 4 days

This Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) + Ausangate Hike in 4 days gives you the opportunity to know two majestic destinations in Peru exploring a magical environment surrounded by glaciers, lagoons, Andean culture and its history.

We take you to know the Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca (5,200 masl / 17,060 ft) plus the fifth highest mountain in Peru, the Ausangate Snowy Mountain, in an unforgettable route that takes you to discover the Andean landscape and its contrast of colors, flora, fauna , textures and climates. You will be able to observe impressive peaks and glaciers, with valleys covered with lagoons, typical wild fauna of the Andes, local families, as well as llamas, alpacas and vicuñas, closing the experience in the famous and world-renowned Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca).

As part of the private tour we offer you an unbeatable gastronomic service by our private professional chef in the mountains; You can adapt the schedule and enjoy the tour with your private group and our professional guide.



Itinerary of the Vinicunca Mountain and Ausangate Hike:

DAY 1:

06:00 - 14:00: Cusco - Tinqui - Upis

At 6:00 a member of Guru Explorers passes by the group to the hotel (it is recommended to have breakfast previously) to start the transfer of about 3 hours to the base of the Ausangate mountain, exactly the town of Tinqui, where the trek begins.

During the tour you will appreciate the flora and fauna, especially alpacas, llamas and vicuñas of the Cordillera de Vilcanota; as well as the daily life of various Andean communities on a road that takes you to Upis (4400 masl / 14,435 ft) where you enjoy a delicious lunch, rest and you can enjoy the thermal baths (Entrance Ticket S /. 10 Soles).

At Upis you taste a delicious dinner prepared by our chef and spend the night in a truly special atmosphere.

DAY 2:

6:00 - 14:00 : Upis - Pucacocha

After having breakfast very early, we start the walk. On this occasion, a short ascent until you reach the Arapa pass (4850 masl / 15,912 ft), where you enjoy a short break among the impressive nature and beauty of the place, surrounded by valleys and glaciers.

Continue the excursion to Pucacocha or Laguna Roja (4,459 masl / 14,625 ft) where you delight in a delicious lunch and rest the rest of the day under the impressive mountain of Ausangate.

DAY 3:

06:00 – 14:00 : Pucacocha - Ananta

The third day begins with a short but demanding hike uphill until reaching the Abra Pucacocha or Laguna Roja, from where you can appreciate panoramic views of both valleys; one surrounded by lagoons and glaciers, the other full of alpacas and llamas, even vicuñas and condors.

Before late afternoon you descend to a valley where you enjoy lunch and until the evening you can contemplate the wonder of the Andean landscape for an incomparable rest among the mountains.


05:00 – 18:00 : Ananta - Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca)

At 5:00 am, after a hot breakfast that warms you up from the cold mountain, the excursion begins to the Ananta pass, from where you can see a part of the Mountain of 7 Colors, which after a short walk you manage to step on.

This Rainbow Mountain, also called “Vinicunca”, offers a picturesque memory of your trip with colorful panoramas and an unbeatable experience at 5,000 meters above sea level.

After touring this place, you descend to Queshuni, where you enjoy a well-deserved and delicious lunch, to return by transport to Cusco, arriving at the hotel around 6:00 p.m.

After this unforgettable adventure, we know that we will design together a new meeting that will lead you to discover the beauties of Peru.


Additional Information


Price of the Rainbow Mountain and Ausangate Tour includes: 

  • Briefing one day before the tour.
  • Transfer from lodging in the historic center of Cusco. Sometimes, access is limited by the narrow streets of the city, if that is the case, the guide will suggest a nearby pick-up point.
  • Return to the lodging (private tours) or Plaza "Regocijo" (One block away from the Plaza de Armas in Cusco).
  • Professional guide in English, Spanish, Portuguese (ask for availability for this or other languages).
  • Professional chef and cooking equipment for camp.
  • Meals: 04 breakfasts, 04 lunches, 03 dinners, (vegan and vegetarian options available)
  • Drinking water at the campground
  • Tourist transport (round trip) Cusco - Ausangate.
  • Dining tent, camping tent, camping tables & chairs, chef's kitchen tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mats.
  • Tour through the Red Valley.
  • Horse for camping equipment.
  • Horse for personal things. (up to 7 kg per passenger)
  • First Aid and oxygen.
  • Entrance tickets to the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) and the Red Valley.
Not include

Price of the Rainbow Mountain and Ausangate Tour excludes:

  • Transfer from hotels outside the city of Cusco (ask for extra costs to pick up from the Sacred Valley or other places in the case of private tours).
  • Tip for the guide.
  • Beverages not specified in the itinerary..
  • Food not specified in the itinerary.
  • Extra horse or mule rental. (Check availability)
What to Bring

What to Bring to the Rainbow Mountain and Ausangate Hike?

  • It is recommended to bring: comfortable shoes, light clothing, hat, wool hat, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, rain gear (especially in November - April).
  • Personal hygiene: toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, wet towels, water, personal medication.
  • Passport or DNI (Required).
  • Travel insurance.
  • Photo camera.
  • Flashlights or small headlights.
  • Cash (local currency).

What considerations should you have when making the Rainbow Mountain and Ausangate Tour?

  • The streets of the city are narrow, an aspect that limits vehicular access to certain places; in this case the guide will suggest a nearby point to pass looking for you and enjoy the tour.
  • You must be in reasonable physical condition to do the tour, however, horses can be rented to cover part of the tour at your own risk.
  • It is important that you enjoy a few days in Cusco before doing the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) and Red Valley Tour. Only then will your body be adapted to the height of the region.
  • This tour is not recommended for children under 12 years old. Adults over 60 years old should bear in mind that this activity demands good physical condition.
  • The Red Valley route is an optional route back to the starting point for the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) on the second day. This part of the excursion is carried out by individual decision - without the accompaniment of the guide - who previously offers the respective recommendations (it is not suitable for people with altitude sickness or “soroche”).
  • Due to environmental, climatic or other factors, beyond our control, the travel itinerary may vary. If so, it will be notified promptly.
  • Guru Explorers values ​​your time and strives to respect the tour schedule; however they may vary for reasons beyond our control (weather, natural disasters, field conditions, among other demonstrable reasons). We will do our best to offer efficient options and solutions for your enjoyment.

Not allowed: 

  • Pets
  • Smoking.
  • Large suitcases or bags.

Difficulty: Moderate - High

Not recommended for:

  • People in wheelchairs.


Terms and Conditions

Important considerations:

  • In the event that the passenger decides to abandon the walk during the journey, they will be responsible for any extra expenses that may be incurred, such as food or transportation.
  • There will be no refund in case of delayed flights, train delays, bad weather or other external factors.

Cancellation Policies:

  • More than 7 days, 90% is refunded.
  • Between 4 and 7 days of notification, 70% is refunded.
  • Within 3 days or less in advance, there will be no refund.

Date changes:

  • Rates applied for change of date in private tours:
    • There will be no extra charge if you are notified more than 5 days in advance.
    • If notified between 3 and 5 days in advance, an additional charge of 20% will apply.
    • If you are notified 2 days or less in advance, it will not be possible to make the change and it will not be subject to a refund.
Why choose us


The experience that makes you live the beauty of this mountain of colors is inexplicable, it is really a personal encounter between you and nature. We want to be part of that experience that you will live in the Ausangate Mountain range. If you are still wondering why choose us? We would like you to read 7 outstanding characteristics of our service:


When you go to a teacher, it is because you want to answer all the questions. In a matter of travel, money, time and enjoyment, you have to choose the best options available and that is what “Guru Explorers” is all about, giving you the perfect balance for the adventure you DESERVE.


To become “Guru Explorers”, we are still world travelers, but experts in Cusco, Lima, and the most important destinations in Peru. We lived bad and good experiences, valuing that the main difference lies in the details, so we know what elements are essential for your trip. We are travelers and we strive to enhance your experience!


We are here to provide you with the best and most accurate information and description of our tours. We are not supporters of hidden costs, that is why we provide the necessary information so you can choose the inclusions or upgrades you are looking for.


You entrust us with your time, your money and your expectations and that is why we fine-tune every detail to guarantee the trip you dream of.


Although we have pre-established packages; they can be adapted to your needs and to make plans that are suited to you, so that you can visit any place in Peru, with the expertise of “Guru Explorers”. We adapt trips for special occasions such as your corporate trips, honeymoon, birthday, social, cultural or sports event during your visit to Peru, offering you complete advice to achieve and exceed your expectations.


Before being tour guides, we are travelers, explorers, adventurers; That makes us passionate about creating the best experiences in the time you invest for yourself and those you love.


We promote Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, not affecting the traveler, nor exploiting the communities that receive it or their environment. We create more human and respectful experiences of Heritage.

Do you want a different trip to the Rainbow Mountain? We won't keep you waiting!


¿How difficult is the hike to the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca)?

At Guru Explorers, we rate it moderate. It is not an easy walk, and you must consider two important factors which are the height and the incline. The estimated time for the hike is 1.5 to 2 hours, starting at 4,650 masl / 15,250 ft and reaching 5,200 masl / 7,000 ft. If you think you are not prepared enough to do the trek, you can rent a horse at the base before starting the ascent.

If you want a less complex hiking route as an alternative, check out our spectacular Tour to the Palcoyo Mountains of Colors!

Can I do the tour if I don't exercise regularly?

The hike to the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) requires some effort; however, generally people who are not in good physical condition do this tour to a slower pace.

If you want a more affordable alternative hiking route, check out our tour to the colorful mountains of Palcoyo!

How long does it take to do the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) Walk?

The time depends on the physical condition of each person and the speed of the group. On average, reaching the Vinicunca pass, which is the "viewpoint", takes between an hour and a half to two. The total time, including the descent, is from two and a half to three hours.

Can horse services be hired on site?

Yes, at the base camp you will find several residents offering the services of their horses, they will accompany you as muleteers on the way. In high season it is difficult to find horses available due to the high demand. The approximate price to hire this service up and down the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) is approximately 100 Peruvian soles. (~ 30 USD) (payment is in cash and in soles)

How's the weather?

It should be taken in consideration that the coldest period is between May and October, and the rainiest months are between November and April. However, the weather and altitude can be unpredictable, ranging from sunny, windy, coldy and even rainy from one moment to the next. We suggest you always be prepared with the equipment for all weather conditions. The sun is usually intense during the morning and part of the afternoon and the temperature can rapidly decrease from -5 to 18 ° C.

Are there toilets on the route to the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca)?

Yes, there are bathrooms available provided by the residents along the way to the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca). The cost per use is 1 Peruvian Sol (~ 0.3 USD), which is paid in cash.

At what time of year is the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) covered in snow?

The probability that the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) is covered with snow is during the rainy season; from November to March.
 What luggage should I bring?
 As it is a full day trip, you are not allowed to carry large suitcases or bags. However, you can carry a backpack with basic items such as water, camera, cap or hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, among others needed items.

What is the difference between group and private service?

The main difference between Group and Private service is the type of experience provided. In the first one you share the experience with a small group of passengers, all departing from Cusco and being picked up at their respective lodgings. In the second one the service is personalized and you have the option of leaving earlier, to avoid other groups of tourists. Also, in private, the tour will be done at your own pace and you can customize the experience on special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, family trips, among others.

What other alternatives do you recommend?

If you want to take to the next level and enjoy the splendor of the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) and its surroundings, we invite you to join the 2 day tour to the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca); with the opportunity to see Ausangate up close, camp in a privileged area, see lakes and impressive landscapes. Also, the next day you will be one of the first to reach the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca), avoiding large groups of tourists.


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