Enjoy what the Maras and Huaypo ATVs Adventure has in store for you:

If you want to take your trip to another level, we have the best mix of emotions and sensations in the Maras and Huaypo Tour in ATVs! Half a day discovering an important part of the fantastic Sacred Valley in an exciting journey to the Salineras de Maras, where until today salt is extracted in an artisanal way; You also visit the ingenious circular terraces of Moray, the ancient agricultural laboratory of the Incas.

Both destinations give you impressive views that mix nature, mythology, culture, tradition and the ingenuity of the Inca empire, to which you add a little action, speed and fun on ATVs.

And although it will never be  the same to tell it than to live it, we invite you to see our photo gallery so that you can start your journey through them!