This tour is undoubtedly one of the most recommended as part of getting to know the city of Lima.  This tour will allow you to know the most unforgettable places of this city, including the magic water fountains. The Lima city tour + magic water fountains is designed to take a tour of the monuments and historic buildings of the city, get into the culture of Peru and captivate you with the customs of one of the most popular destinations in the country.

In Lima City Tour you will have the opportunity to visit the magical water fountains, one of the favorite sites for the realization of welcome events where Peru is host. This circuit is made up of 13 ornamental fountains that are electronically controlled. We are absolutely sure that this visit will be unique.

Lima is an impressive city full of hidden treasures for you to discover. Its elegant cathedrals and palaces date back to Spanish colonial times. Here you can explore classic neighborhoods of the city where you will find very interesting places.  In addition, it stands out for its gastronomic quality, being one of the main destinations in Peru to enjoy delicious dishes.

Definitely when you are in Lima, you will feel that time flies by and you will always have something to do. If you are ready to find the perfect combination of history and adventure, Lima City Tour has everything you need to make your trip unforgettable.