Live the adventure in the middle of the jungle in one of the most exciting tours in the world with the Bird Watching Tour.

The Amazon Bird Watching Tour takes you to know the most representative flying species of Peru, among them the gallant Gallito de las Rocas or Rupicola Peruviana, known in Quechua as Tunki; the Perlita de Iquitos, in a situation of critical danger; the Spatula-tailed Hummingbird, one of the most beautiful in the world; the Cabezón de Loreto or the Scarlet Macaw, symbol of the Amazon, among other enchanting birds.

You will be able to discover magical places such as the Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve, a protected area of ​​Peru, which is home to some 500 species of birds; as well as Lakes Hondo Cocha and Bondi.

Submerge yourself  into majestic areas of the Yanamono Reserve and other places within the jungle. In each space that you go during these 5 days, you will see animal species and vegetation in danger of extinction; In addition to staying in a Lodge that gives you all the comforts in the middle of the jungle.

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