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Tour in Barranco with the classics of Peruvian gastronomy

Discover all that Peruvian gastronomy has to offer in this incredible tour through the picturesque neighborhood of Barranco.

This is one of the most beautiful, artistic and bohemian neighborhoods of Lima that you can explore on this tour. In addition, you will taste 15 typical foods and drinks, learn how to prepare the famous ceviche and the traditional cocktail pisco sour.

The tasting of Lomo Salteado, coffee and chocolate tastings are the favorite activities for visitors. All this will be accompanied by the intriguing historical and cultural stories behind each dish during this excellent tour.

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Tour Itinerary in Barranco with the classics of Peruvian gastronomy:

We meet at 9:30 am at the San Francisco square in Barranco and head to Cipresso. Here we will taste a coffee, chicken chili empanada and stuffed acoto empanadas. Once we have finished, we will go to a local store where we will learn about Peru's biodiversity and enjoy an excellent chocolate tasting. Then we will go to the mini gallery of Jade Rivera, the famous bridge of sighs and baths down.

Our next stop will be República del Pisco, where you will be served ceviche, causa limeña and chicha morada. The tour will continue in Juanito, where we will finally taste the traditional Pisco sour.

The tour will end at 1:30 pm with a visit to Crem dela Crem where we will say goodbye with a delicious homemade ice cream.

Note: The gastronomic tour is a walking tour, where the walks last between 3 and 8 minutes between each stop. It is strategically designed to appreciate the best of the neighborhood.

Additional Information


The Barranco Tour with the classics of the Peruvian gastronomy includes:

  • 15 Peruvian food and beverages
  • Trained official tour guide
  • Tour of the main attractions of Barranco
  • Donation to Impact Eat Foundation
  • Round trip transportation only for private tours from/to Miraflores, San Isidro and Barranco (other districts or airport for an additional fee)
Not include

The Tour in Barranco with the classics of Peruvian gastronomy does not include: 

  • Round trip transportation not included in shared tours.
  • Tips (voluntary contribution)
What to Bring

What to bring to the Tour in Barranco with the classics of the Peruvian gastronomy? 

  • Passport or ID card.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Audiovisual recording devices (cell phone, camera, video cameras).
  • Cash (local currency).


Considerations for Tour in Barranco with the classics of the Peruvian gastronomy:

  • Due to environmental, climatic or other factors beyond our control, the itinerary of the trip may vary. If so, we will notify you in a timely manner.
  • Guru Explorers value your time and strive to respect the tour schedule; however, it may vary for reasons beyond our control (weather, natural disasters, field conditions, among other demonstrable reasons). We will do our best to offer efficient options and solutions for your enjoyment.

Not Allowed:

  • Pets.
  • Smoke.
  • Large suitcases or bags.
Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy:

  • With 3 days or less notice, there will be no reimbursement.
  • Between 4 and 7 days’ notice, 70% reimbursement.
  • More than 7 days, 90% will be reimbursed.

Date changes:

  • Fees applied for change of date in private tours: 
    • There will be no extra charge if notified more than 5 days in advance.
    • If notified between 3 and 5 days in advance, an additional charge of 20% will apply.
    • If notified 2 days or less in advance, it will not be possible to make the change and will not be subject to reimbursement.
  • There will be no refund in case of delayed flights, train delays, bad weather or other external factors.
Why choose us

We want to be part of the experience that you will live in the Tour in Barranco with the classics of the Peruvian gastronomy.

If you are still wondering why choose us, we would like you to read 7 outstanding features of our service:

  1. QUALITY: When you go to a teacher, it is because you want to answer all the questions. When it comes to travel, money, time and enjoyment there is a lot to solve and that's what Guru Explorers is all about, giving you the perfect balance for the adventure you DESERVE.
  2. EXPERIENCE: To become Guru Explorers, we are still world travelers, but experts in Cusco, Lima, and the most important destinations in Peru. We experienced bad and good experiences, finding that in the details is the difference, that's why we know what elements are essential for your trip, we are travelers and we strive to enhance your experience!
  3. TRANSPARENCY: We are here to provide you with the best information and description of our tours. We are not in favor of hidden costs. We provide the necessary information so you can choose the inclusions or upgrades you are looking for.
  4. SAFETY: You trust us with your time, your money and your expectations and that is why we fine-tune every detail to guarantee the trip you dream of.
  5. FLEXIBILITY: Although we have pre-established packages; we adapt to your needs and make tailor-made plans for you to visit any place in Peru, with the expertise of a Guru Explorers. We adapt trips for special occasions such as your corporate travel, honeymoon, birthday, social, cultural or sporting event in your visit to Peru, offering you complete advice to achieve and exceed your expectations.
  6. PASSION: Before being tour guides, we are travelers, explorers, adventurers; that makes us passionate about creating the best experiences in the time you invest for you and those you love.
  7. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: We promote Responsible and Sustainable Tourism without affecting the traveler, nor exploiting the communities that receive us or their environment. We create experiences that are more humane and respectful of heritage.

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