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¿What eSmart Recycling does?

March 2, 2022

You may have already heard of eSmart Recycling, a company that is committed to transforming old technological equipment into a possible solution for the needs of the most vulnerable. At eSmart Recycling they are in charge of receiving a variety of equipment and technologies from different companies (both large and medium-sized).

Likewise, they also accept this equipment from people who discard these devices due to malfunctioning, discontinuation or the constant renovation of their electronics in order to keep up with the latest technology.

Once received, they make sure to make all equipment functional again. This way, they can offer them to other buyers or get them to the people who need them most.

At the same time, eSmart Recycling has been characterized as a company that creates movements that go beyond the economic and financial sphere. Thus, they manage to generate a sense of social responsibility in people who have the ability to help by contributing in any kind of measure.

With these same equipment and technologies, eSmart Recycling contributes with emblematic actions that have left an indelible mark for many.

This is nothing more and nothing less than the donation of laptops and computers to non-governmental organizations with educational laboratories for children in different parts of the world.

Laptop donation to Añañau ONG

Its purpose goes beyond…

Its mission is directly focused on helping children around the world. Many of them live in a vulnerable situation and do not have the possibility to enjoy the advantages of technology. Unfortunately, this reduces their chances of advancing both educationally and in the workplace as they grow up in their community.

This initiative aims to prevent children from missing out on advanced education due to a lack of materials and computers. For many communities, access to technology in general, regardless of its range, can be almost impossible because they do not have the necessary resources to acquire them.

That is why, at eSmart Recycling, borders do not represent a limit. From Tampa (United States) they have taken on the task of refurbishing and reconditioning electronic equipment that represents an enormous help and an improvement in children’s education.

Guru Explorers in a Partnership with eSmart Recycling:

A change for the future

Guru Explorers has the support of teams made up of people willing to contribute with small and big actions. These actions represent an improvement in many aspects of the lives of the population that receives it.

Not having medical care, clothes, shoes, and even supplies in general, are some of the situations that those living in the mountains of the Peruvian Andes go through on a daily basis.

Although it is common for travelers to have no knowledge of what happens in the lives of the locals once their trip is over, it is necessary to delve a little deeper into the vulnerability that many families and entire communities experience on a daily basis. That is why at Guru Explorers we have the initiative to promote responsible tourism together with you and our collaborators.

Helping those who welcome us with open arms in their community to enjoy something different and clear their minds for a few days is an excellent way to give back and support the development of people in vulnerable situations.

Contributing technology through the donation of electronic equipment can significantly help improve the education of children from the most vulnerable families.

It is this mission that motivates us to work hand in hand with partners who have the same ideals as we do. To cooperate with those who maintain those small communities that make tourism a phenomenal activity. Responsible tourism depends on everyone.

Donation of laptops for the youngest children in the community

In short, being part of something as important as helping those who need it most is indescribable. At Guru Explorers we had the opportunity to cooperate with an initiative that is fundamental for the development of our activities. If you want to know more about this wonderful event and all the details, click here.

Thanks to the ideals of eSmart Recycling in conjunction with our ideal, we have been able to help many children who are part of the NGO Añañau. Through these activities we were able to give them the opportunity to have easy access to one of the most essential tools in the advancement of technology today. This event was about the donation of laptops for them.

Having a laptop in the XXI century is essential to acquire the necessary tools for an intellectual evolution. This will allow the youngest members of the Cusco community to have access to different sources of information to foster their capacity to study. In the future, they will be able to opt for good job offers or undertake new life projects.

Laptop donation to Añañau ONG

You can be part of the change… Let’s promote responsible tourism.

A trip is the means by which you can give significant help to the children and youth of the most vulnerable populations, since it is the best way to encourage their inhabitants to continue with the development of the activities they carry out in favor of tourism.

Starting today, you can be part of the change by donating and recycling electronic equipment and, together with Guru Explorers, you can promote and implement responsible tourism. Remember that together we can make it happen, change is possible.