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Tour Laguna Humantay or Rainbow Mountain

May 3, 2021

If there is something that a country like Peru has to spare, they are tourist attractions distributed in every corner of its territory.

It is precisely for this reason that many people find it very difficult to decide on a specific place, since there are many alternatives that you can find among the options that you can visit during any season of the year.

Among them, the Humantay Lagoon Tour and the Rainbow Mountain Tour are considered one of the favorites by more and more tourists who come to know these natural attractions from different parts of the world, but between one and the other, which one is the most recommended ?

Humantay Guru Explorers Lagoon Tour

What is the best tourist destination to visit in Cusco?

Cusco is known worldwide for being a Peruvian city composed of an interesting number of tourist attractions in its surroundings.

Suffice it to say that here you can meet one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, such as Machu Picchu.

However, in this Peruvian town there are other alternatives that are also of interest to many people, such as the Humantay Lagoon and the Rainbow Mountain.

What is the Humantay Lagoon?

Also known as «Turquoise Lagoon» it is a tourist paradise characterized by having access that is not very complicated, in addition to the fact that to reach the lagoon, it will only be necessary to travel approximately 2 hours, depending on the physical condition of the people who make the walk.

However, this does not represent any kind of inconvenience, since people who do not want to do the walk will have the option of renting horses so that the route becomes more comfortable or they can even arrive faster.

Lagoon Humantay

What is Rainbow Mountain?

Some people know it as «Rainbow Mountain» or «Vinicunca«. It is located in the town of Cusco and is currently considered the second most preferred tourist destination by people who come to know these mountains from different countries in the world.

It is a mountain characterized by being composed of different colors that are the product of the exposed minerals that can be found in these areas and that make these mountains a real attraction for the eyes of any person.

Although this walk lasts approximately the same as the walk to the Humantay Lagoon, the route that is made towards the Rainbow Mountain is more complex.

That is why to carry out the Rainbow Mountain Tour, it is recommended to be in good physical condition to avoid the easy exhaustion of people who carry out this activity.

rainbow mountain

What is the difference between the Humantay Lagoon Tour and the Rainbow Mountain Tour?

Difficulty of the walk

As we mentioned before, the hike of the Humantay Lagoon Tour is considered smoother compared to the hike that must be done in order to reach Rainbow Mountain.

However, in each of these tours, you will have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes, among which a spectacular snow-capped mountain and the Red Valley stand out.

Influx of tourists

Being considered as the second most visited tourist attraction after Machu Picchu, the Rainbow Mountain Tour becomes one of the favorites of more and more people.

This means that on the tour you will meet a large number of tourists who, like you, took the initiative to make this incredible tour.

Unlike this, the Humantay Lagoon Tour is carried out with total tranquility and although there are many people who are also interested in knowing these spaces, they do not compare to the incredible number of people that you can find in Vinicunca.


The Rainbow Mountain exceeds 5,000 meters above sea level, something that can even put you at risk of suffering from altitude sickness symptoms.

On the other hand, the Humantay Lagoon is located at 4,200 meters above sea level, which means that, despite not being much of a difference, the turquoise lagoon has better accessibility.

Altitude, mountain of colors

Which Tour to choose between the Humantay Lagoon and the Rainbow Mountain?

Although these tourist destinations have some differences, we should also mention that they share some similarities.

To be able to do any of these Tours, you must first take a walk that allows you to reach the final destination where, in both cases, you will enjoy a great combination of beautiful colors that decorate the landscapes of these tourist attractions.

Regarding the number of visitors, it is clear that the Humantay Lagoon is less known than the Rainbow Mountain, so if you want to enjoy a quiet tour without many people, this tour is perfect for you.

However, if you want to know the second most important tourist attraction in Peru, then you cannot miss Cusco without first doing the Rainbow Mountain Tour.

These two destinations are located thousands of meters above sea level, although the visit to the Rainbow Mountain represents a greater energy consumption, not only because it is higher, but its route also has sections of different difficulties.

In any case, our best recommendation is that you take precautions when making each of these tours, since the main objective is that you get to know these places through a totally satisfactory experience.

Make sure you always wear comfortable clothes for the walk you are going to do, considering that if there is something that these two destinations share, it is that each of them lasts approximately between 1 hour and a half to 2 hours until you reach the destination.

In addition, good hydration and nutrition are always essential, so do not forget to bring water to prevent your body from breaking down.

Regardless of what you choose, we are sure that you will enjoy it to the fullest!