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Quechua names for men

April 12, 2022

The Quechua language is the official language of the Incas and eventually became one of the main languages of Peru. This language was passed from generation to generation to reach the different populations of the country and spread throughout South America.

The words of the Quechua language have a beautiful meaning inspired by nature that surprises everyone. That is why they decide to use Quechua names for men because they are original, authentic and have a beautiful meaning.

Quechua names for men

Quechua nouns usually consist of an adjective and a noun and are usually animals, flowers and other elements of nature. The adjectives used can be qualifiers such as cheerful, beautiful, strong or colors.

Below is a list of Quechua names with a beautiful meaning:


The meaning of this name is I stand.


This name means remote, previous, primordial.


The meaning of this name is the envoy of the ancestral spirits, representative of the Gods.


It is a beautiful name and its meaning is blue like the river.

Chuwi o Chuui

Which is used as a variant. The meaning of this name is distinguished, pleasant, nice person.


This name means a being touched by the gods, fortunate, luminous.


The name means counselor, one who advises.


The meaning of this word is the energy, the force that is used to accomplish something good. It also means bliss, happiness, joy.

To this word in Quechua is usually added the verbalizing suffix cha and it becomes Saminchay, a verb with a beautiful meaning which is to bless.


The meaning is a being that neither humbles nor bows down, it is indomitable.


This name was carried by the ninth ruler of the Inca empire, who was the one who turned it into a great empire. The meaning is the one who changes the course of the earth.


The meaning is the one who concludes, who brings the work done to a successful conclusion.


It means to be strong and hardworking.


The meaning of this name is such as yellow corn, abundant and fine. Hard as rock.


This is a word that has many meanings in Quechua and can be used as a verb, adjective and noun. As a verb it means to want, to desire something, to love; as an adjective it means beautiful, cute, wonderful, precious and is used to describe a situation, object, person or animal.

When this word is used as a noun it means taste, mood or will.


The literal meaning of this word is Dove, but it is used to express a special and affectionate treatment to the loved one. It is often used as an expression Urpichay or Urpichallay, which expresses the deep affection and love felt for a person.


This name means handsome, young, handsome, good friend.

Yaku o Yakuy

Means Water.


It was the sacred flower name of the Incas, is a shrub with very brightly colored flowers which are yellow or red.


This word is the generic name for the different types of stones.


It is a word of the Quechua language that as a noun means: beautiful garden, Vergel or orchard. Its meaning is like something similar to a park with a great variety of trees, plants and flowers, that is to say, it is a paradisiacal place.


Sumaq is a Quechua word with a lot of meaning and strength, which can be used to describe the nice appearance of something or a person. But it can also be used to describe the goodness or pleasantness of a person.

This word used as an adjective means: beautiful, good, nice, exquisite, wonderful.