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¿How difficult is the hike to the Humantay Lake?

April 30, 2021

Peru is a country characterized by having the happiness of having a large number of tourist attractions in its territory.

Once there, Cusco stands out as a town that has what are considered the main tourist destinations of many people from all over the world.

That is when it is inevitable to stop mentioning the Humantay Lake, a tourist paradise that, unlike the other lagoons that you can find in Peru, draws a lot of attention due to the color tone of its waters, which are characterized by being turquoise.

This is the main reason why more and more people choose the walk to the Humantay Lake, as the main tourist attraction to do during the holidays.

Humantay Lake

¿What is the difficulty of the Humantay Lake hike?

The walk to the Humantay Lake is a route that can be done by practically anyone, something that speaks a lot about its difficulty.

We say practically, mostly because we do not recommend it to pregnant women for health reasons or people with heart problems due to problems with height.

The Humantay Lake is located at a height that exceeds 4,000 meters above sea level, something that can promote many people suffering from altitude sickness.

Altitude sickness is a series of symptoms that range from mild headaches to nausea that particularly last very little but that can make people who do this walk go through an uncomfortable moment.

Humantay Lake

¿What is the route to get to the Humantay Lake?

If you are in Cusco, most of the tours that make this tour are characterized by leaving very early to the town of Mollepata, which is the place where the walk begins.

Once the tour begins, you will notice that at the beginning it is a hard terrain and with the presence of many stones all the way.

We must also emphasize the season of the year, since this is a walk that can be done in two seasons, the rainy and the dry.

The rainy season keeps the clouds cloudy between the months of December and March, in addition to the fact that the temperature usually drops to a point where you will be forced to stay warm.

This has become the main reason why we recommend making the trip to the Humantay Lake in times of dry season, which is when the sun is always present.

After reaching the town of Mollepata, the hike continues to Soraypampa along a dirt road that leads to the high jungle of Cusco.

It is a route that lasts at least one hour and then leads to the final section.

The journey ends after walking between 45 minutes and 1 hour to reach the place where the lagoon is located and to enjoy its wonderful view.

¿What kind of clothes should you wear to make the walk to the Humantay Lake?

The weather once you get to the Humantay Lake, varies between 15 ° and 0 ° which means that being in the place, it is very cold. This is because the waters of the lagoon come from the glacial deterioration of the mountains that are around.

For this reason, it is recommended to wear clothing that is capable of covering enough so that you can enjoy a comfortable stay without any inconvenience.

However, during the walk you should wear light and comfortable clothing taking into account that as the route is long, the ideal is that you live a good experience.

The use of rain gear is also important, especially if you get to make the walk to the Humantay Lake in rainy seasons.

Humantay Lake

¿Is it possible to hike to the Humantay Lake with children?

The route that leads to the Humantay Lake is characterized by being a bit long and complicated, even for many adults.

However, this is not a limitation so that you cannot take your children to live this incredible adventure, as long as all the security measures are respected.

In these cases, people will have the availability of renting horses so that children can make a quiet and smooth journey, in addition to being able to rest all the way while enjoying the incredible view that this walk gives you.

Despite this, what is not recommended is to attend this place with babies of a few months of age. Here we must emphasize only the route you are going to take, but also the characteristic cold of the place.

¿When is it advisable to take the walk to the Lake?

The best time to visit the lagoon is during the dry season that occurs between the months of April and November.

This is because the chances of it raining are minimal, so you won’t risk getting wet or temperatures dropping to a minimum.

In addition, during the months that we mentioned above, the view that you can appreciate in this place is more incredible compared to the months of the rainy season.

To this we must add that the sun sometimes becomes an ally against the cold that you will feel once you arrive at the Humantay Lake.

Visiting the spaces of this majestic lagoon has become the main tourist destination for many people who visit Peru each year with the sole intention of knowing its tourist attractions.

That is why we want to invite you to take the opportunity to get to know an excellent locality, in addition to the fact that throughout the tour you will be able to enjoy unique viewpoints, as well as the characteristic fauna of this area that you cannot miss.