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Cute Quechua names for children

March 28, 2022

Quechua names are very striking because of their origin and meaning, which is usually related to nature. To select one of the beautiful names for children in Quechua is to leave the traditional and common names aside.

These names are not conventional, but they have a nice meaning and will give the child a great personality. To choose the Quechua name that expresses what you feel, you must know its meaning.

Cute names for children in Quechua

Cute names for children in Quechua

Below is a selection of beautiful names for children in Quechua, each one has its own meaning:


This is an uncommon name, but with a great and powerful meaning: hope.


It is a very significant name that is the one that awakens to life, the one that dawns.


This word in the Quechua language means ember, candle, fire and formerly, shrine. To be exact the third seq’e Qollana, which belonged to the Chinchaysuyo area.

The shrine was a stone brazier that was located next to the Temple of Qorikancha in Cusco. In this shrine the fire was kept to burn the tributes.


The meaning of this word is nice, pleasant and distinguished.


It is the ideal name for a brown child as it means brown like the color of coffee.

Cute names for children in Quechua


This name represents an eagle, a bird of great elegance, beauty and courage.


This name is for a person with a lot of personality because its meaning is different from all others, unique.


This word means a happiness that comes from within and does not depend on any kind of external factors. The meaning is exhilaration, joy, happiness, having a happy heart no matter if you are in good times or bad.


It is a word derived from the verb Atiy which means to be able, the one who can. The meaning is the ability or capacity that the individual has to do a certain action.


This word in Quechua means evening star, bright star, star of great magnitude. These representations in Inca mythology were considered minor divinities and are described as a young person with curly hair who was in charge of helping the sun or Inti to set and the morning star was considered as Punchao.

Cute names for children in Quechua


It is a beautiful flower with a soft and soothing color that belongs to the shrub of the composite family. This shrub has flowers in heads of a wide distribution; it is also a medicinal herbaceous plant which grows in frigid areas. It has lilac and pink flowers.

The peasants often decorate their hats at carnivals with these flowers, which are used in traditional Andean medicine. With this flower infusion are prepared for pleurisy, coughs and colds as a sudorific.


It is a mythical serpent of great size. It was considered as the totem of wisdom. This name was the name of many important characters such as: Tupaq Amaru and Amaro Topa Inga.


Este nombre lo llevaba el jefe supremo, general y estratega de los ejércitos del Antisuyu en el Imperio inca. Fue el fundador del ayllu Ollantaytampu en el distrito que lleva el mismo nombre.

This character for being of the people, for his intelligence and bravery, was attached to the Royal Court of the Inka Pachakuteq. He was a great warrior and therefore is considered a name of great significance.


This word in the Quechua language means select, chosen and was the name given in Inca times to the Virgins of the Sun. These maidens were cloistered in the Aklla wasi which means house of the chosen ones.