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Bridges of Checacupe

May 3, 2021

Peru is a country known worldwide for its characteristic gastronomy, although another reason why more and more people are interested in visiting it is because of all the tourist attractions that can be found in this place.

If you are looking for a list on the internet of all the places that you cannot miss in Peru, you will be surprised by the number of tourist attractions that this wonderful country has to offer.

However, the Palccoyo Tour is considered one of many people’s favorites.

If for any reason you take the initiative to take this tour, you cannot miss the Checacupe bridges, a place that speaks a lot about Peruvian history and that will become a mandatory stop when you are in this town.

Tour Palccoyo, Checacupe Bridge

¿Where is Checacupe located?

The district of Checacupe is located specifically north of the city of Cusco, being known as one of the most important tourist locations in the world for having large-scale tourist attractions, among which some stand out, such as Machu Picchu.

Once you are there, then you must go to the province of Canchis, which is the place where you can find the Checacupe bridges, in addition to knowing part of the history of each of them.

Checacupe Bridge

¿How to get to Checacupe?

The largest number of tourists who take the initiative to visit the Checacupe District do so from the city of Cusco, taking into account that from there, there is an interesting number of alternatives that fulfill the function of transferring people to this town.

The trip lasts approximately 2 hours on the road that goes towards Arequipa, this being a route that can be done without any inconvenience by bus or private vehicles.

¿When is the best season to visit the Checacupe bridges?

Knowing Checacupe is one of the favorite activities for people who make the Palccoyo Tour.

For this to become a better experience, the best season to visit Checacupe is between March and December, taking into account that during these months, the cold is not as strong as the rest of the year.

Checacupe Bridge Cusco

¿What are the bridges of Checacupe?

Colonial Bridge

It is considered one of the most visited tourist attractions in this town. It is a bridge that was built with the aim of bringing heavy loads of coal from Arequipa to the city of Cusco.

Its construction was carried out by the first Spanish corregidores during the seventeenth century with a limestone structure that is characterized by being designed in the shape of a semicircular arch and is located on the Pitumarca river that descends from the Ausangate mountain ranges.

Inca bridge

One of its main characteristics of this bridge is that it is a construction that was carried out between 1,400 and 1,448 by the local Incas, with the aim of sending errands or bartering with neighboring communities.

It is one of the first stops that are made on the Palccoyo Tour once you reach the town of Checacupe, so you should not walk too much to get to know this Inca structure up close.

However, it is recommended to walk very carefully on the bases of this bridge, taking into account that it is a construction of many years but that you should not hesitate to visit.

Republican bridge

Despite being one of the last stops, for many it is the most important.

Unlike the previous bridges, the republican bridge is characteristic for having been built with rail irons and that to this day, it still represents the main threshold for all those people who move to Checacupe.

At first, it was a construction used solely for the transfer of coal from one locality to another, although it also became one of the main sources of access to Checacupe, for people who came from other parts of Peru, especially from inhabitants of Arequipa.

¿What other tourist attractions are found in Checacupe?

In addition to the Checacupe bridges, one of the most visited places by people who make the Palccoyo Tour, is the Colonial temple of this town.

It is a building that was built in honor of the Immaculate Virgin of Concepción with the use of adobe and a stone base.

It is currently considered one of the main tourist attractions that you can find in Cusco, something that is greatly influenced by its beauty and the presence of one of the oldest images corresponding to the Immaculate Virgin of conception.

It is also known for having several works of art, as well as old paintings made by renowned artists, such as Diego Quispe Tito.

¿What to take to the Checacupe bridges?

One of the main things that cannot be missing in your luggage when you do the Palccoyo Tour, is a photography camera that allows you to capture all the places that you will be able to know on this incredible tour.

It is a tour characterized by not having a minimum risk of difficulty, which means that it can be done by children 6 years and older without any inconvenience, as long as they respect all the safety regulations.

However, it is essential to have hydrating drinks and food that allow you to stay in good physical condition so that you enjoy this tour to the fullest, something to which you should also add the use of comfortable clothing at all times.

If you are interested in getting to know Peru, the Palccoyo Tour is one that you cannot miss when you visit this country.

In Checacupe you will have the opportunity to experience an interesting number of tourist attractions full of history and natural beauty that will surely not leave you indifferent.