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10 tourist sites to visit in Lima

May 2, 2022

Knowing the wonders of Peru goes far beyond beaches and mountains. This beautiful Inca country holds an infinite amount of natural and historical spaces that are worth discovering.

If you still haven’t decided where to go on vacation, we will show you 10 tourist places to visit in Lima. We can take you anywhere in this amazing city thanks to our best guided tours in Lima.

Lima: City of the Kings

Undoubtedly, Lima is one of the most historically representative Latin American cities.

Its cultural center unveils the heritage that has been preserved for years in the company of attractions and unique architectural works. If you visit this city, you should not forget these 10 tourist places to visit in Lima that we mention below.

Main Square

The Main Square or also known as Plaza Mayor, is a historical and urban space that is located in the center of Lima. This whole area is known as the Historic Center of Lima. The square was inaugurated on the same day on which the city got its name, January 18, 1535.

This square is of great relevance due to the amount of history it holds. Walking through this interesting space, it is possible to admire the Cathedral of Lima, the Municipal Palace, the current Government Palace and the old Palace of the Viceroys. The tourist value of the Main Square is focused on history and art.

Main Square

Government Palace of Peru

The imposing Government Palace of Peru is located in the center of Lima, exactly in the Plaza de Armas. In this place, is where the current president of the republic resides.

Being one of the 10 most interesting tourist places to visit in Lima, it stands out for having several halls.

In the first place, it has the «Dorado» hall, followed by the «Túpac Amaru» and «Jorge Basadre» halls. Although not all of the Palace can be visited, part of it is open to the public.

Lima Cathedral

Among the 10 tourist places to visit in Lima is also this wonderful architectural work. Currently, it is a religious museum that impacts travelers from its entrance. It is located in Main Square of Lima and its construction began the same day the city of Lima was founded.

In the internal part of the Cathedral, we will find in exhibition marvels like the Christ of Ivory. It also has seven beautiful chapels, the choir stalls and the crypt of Francisco Pizarro.

Lima Cathedral

Desamparados Station

It is an old train station located in Lima. At the moment, the architecture of the place is focused on the French style. It is built on top of what was once the Central Railway station which had the route from Callao to Cerro de Pasco.

This beautiful tourist place owes its name to the Templo de Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados (Temple of Our Lady of the Forsaken) which, at the time, was also a convent. The building has been built to be the main station of Lima.

St. Martin’s Square

St. Martin’s Square is one of the 10 tourist places to visit in Lima that you can not miss. Although it is true that it is a relatively new work, it is of great importance for the people of Lima and in general for all Peruvians. This square commemorates the first hundred years of independence of this wonderful country.

Because of its allusion to independence, it bears the name of the liberator San Martin. In fact, it is possible to observe the statue of this historical character in the middle of the square.


A tour of this beautiful city should not end without visiting Miraflores. This tourist district has everything a traveler could ask for. First of all, you can visit the wonderful Kennedy Park that is located in the heart of Miraflores. This beautiful place is also known as «the park of the cats».

On the other hand, if you want to experience the close sensation of the sea, you can enjoy the oceanic landscape in Larcomar or the Malecon de la Costa Verde. In both cases, you will have a privileged view of the sea.


Water Park

If you are looking for a true spectacle of water and lights, you cannot miss this beautiful place in Lima. It is considered one of the most important tourist attractions located here.

The famous Magic Water Circuit is located inside the Reserve Park. It consists of a striking set of 13 interactive fountains in which water and background lights make a real visual show worth appreciating. It is not for nothing that it is among the 10 tourist places to visit in Lima.

Water Park

Love Park

The Parque del Amor is one of the favorite options for tourists and also for the locals. With a beautiful view of the sea, this beautiful place tells a beautiful love story from its entrance. The park was inaugurated in commemoration of Valentine’s Day.

At the entrance you can see a garden full of flowers that take the shape of hearts. Although it is not a large park, it has spaces to sit and stop and watch the sea. This environment is perfect for taking the best pictures of the whole trip.

Love Park

Punta Hermosa Beach

Punta Hermosa is one of the 10 most popular tourist places to visit in Lima. It is a perfect place for vacationing. You can find both rocky and sandy beaches. Also, the sea conditions are the best for surfing.

Punta Hermosa allows you to visit five beautiful beaches that are located very close to the Pacific Ocean. In addition, you have the opportunity to stay in any of the hotels in the area and enjoy the cultural and gastronomic diversity characteristic of Peru, especially in its coastal areas.

Punta Hermosa Beach

Barranco District

This district is characterized for being a really bohemian place. Most artists and artisans tend to gather in this space to expose their expression in various ways. Likewise, Barranco is considered one of the best places for nightlife.

If you want to visit a natural space in Barranco, you can go to the Municipal Park. The main attraction of this park is the effigy of a Greek Venus that rises over a representative waterfall.