¡Don’t wait any longer! Enjoy the best trip to Machu Picchu with an additional tour to Huchuy Picchu Mountain!

If you consider yourself a traveler who is attracted by challenges and adventure, you can’t miss this incredible tour through the Peruvian Andes. The Machu Picchu Tour with a tour of the Huchuy Picchu mountain is a complete excursion whose itinerary is designed for those who are looking for a complete experience in the Citadel and this enigmatic mountain that watches over it.

Its meaning in Quechua is “Small Mountain” and has a height of 2,497 meters. However, you should not be fooled: its size is very imposing and seems to guard the Citadel, offering unique views of the Inca ruins.  Its path is considered the easiest of the additional mountains, constituting a circuit of only one kilometer of stone paths.

Being one of the most popular tours in Peru, you will not fail to be amazed by the architectural treasures that the Incas have built long ago, without leaving aside the beautiful postcards of hillsides and forests. As if this were not enough, you will be able to enjoy excellent service, from the hands of the most qualified professionals in tourism.

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